Theatre Bohemia is a group of Czech and Slovak enthusiasts and volunteers who use their free time to promote Czech and Slovak culture in Chicago with various shows and plays for adults and children in our mother's tounge.

Our mission is to use very well known and some unknown masterpieces of Czech playwriters and to accomodate the needs and demands of our Czech audience. We want to bring joy not only to our adult audience, but to our little spectators as well. Our culture has a very long and rich history and offers never ending inspiration for plays, shows and other activities we can share with our community.

We are proud of our accomplishments, especially of creating and putting together a group of great people who care about Czech and Slovak language and want to use it and hear it out loud. We would like to carry on this tradition as long as we can.

One of our goals is to find new talents. And yes it is true that not everybody has a soul of an actor, but lots of us can do other things that are also important for great theatre such as costume design, stage design, propagation, light and sound and many other things that are part of the big picture.

We always try to listen to our Czech friends and community to find out what they wish to see or think would be great to put out there. Since lots of little Czech and Slovak children came to this world in last few years we want to offer children activities such as Children's Day and Christmas with Theatre Bohemia, both long awaited events by parents and children.

We are very happy to enrich the lives of our Czech and Slovak community in Chicago. We do it with love for theatre and people who want to come and see us.

Long live Theatre Bohemia!