Theatre Bohemia's Projects from the beginning in 2005

Atlantida (Fall 2005), Director - Karel Bednarski

Cesta na Severni Pol (Trip to the North Pole)" (April 2006), Director - Marek Micek, also had a showing in New York in fall of 2006

Musical Krysar (The Pied Piper)" (Spring 2007 and Fall 2007), Director - Petra Vyletalova & Roman Hruska

Divci Valka (Girl War)" (2008), Director - Petra Vyletalova & Radka Kutalkova-Veverkova

In 2008 we did our first Children's Day with Theatre Bohemia for our smallest fans. Unfortunatelly we had to cancel due to bad weather.

In 2009 we did a rerun of Divci Valka, and finally in June we did our first successfull Children's Day and since it was a big succes we decided to do Christmas with Theatre Bohemia for kids in December 2009. Both projects are now part of our traditional yearly programme - Children's Day in June and Christmas with Theatre Bohemia in December.

In 2010 we put together another musical Tajemstvi  (Secret) (Director - Roman Hruska), but we never played it in public due to the injury of our lead actress. Again we carried on with successfull Children's Day and Christmas with Theatre Bohemia.

Ceske Nebe (Czech Heaven)" (2011), Director - Jan Indy Malek, this play had couple of successfull reruns. We also did our third Children's Day (June) and Christmas (December) for kids.

2012 was a big year. We prepared Easter wih Krtecek for kids, our traditional Children's Day in June and "Christmas" in December. One of the highlights of this year was the musical Madonna Mia. This was and still is our most successfull musical project to date. (Director - Martina Kutak & Music - Iva Slezingerova) We worked really hard on this piece and big premiere was in October 2012.

Our first Dance Ball in March 2013 featuring the biggest highlights (songs and dances) from our musical "Madonna Mia" was a big success. We were proud to start something new and we think that dance ball is a good addition to our traditional yearly programme. We also worked on a smaller play called Pravda o zkaze Titaniku (Director - Jaroslav Kutak). Of course Children's Day and Christmas with Theatre Bohemia couldn't be missed.

In 2014 we worked on our traditional projects and since it was a really busy year for most of our members (5 little baby girls and some big state to state moving) we didn't have a lot of time to work on "theatre" part.

We are now working on a smaller scale project called Karkulka (Little Red Riding Hood) which will have premiere in November.